Wednesday, March 9, 2011

yesterday's promise

The most charming words are spoken
From the lips of careless hearts
Who whisper into naive ears a thousand works of art
And pictures of undying love in shattered picture frames
Line the walls in parts of hell where love goes to be slain.

The most colourful of promises
Roll off the blackest tongues
Colouring a daydream like air to starving lungs
And when it's surely broken and everything turns grey
You'll learn that yesterday's promises, were never for today.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

unfinished thoughts

There's a hole in the sky right above my bed
Where the heavens do cry for the dreams that are dead
In the room hangs a shelf occupied with antiques
Where the dust makes it's way as it silently creeps
Like the dreams that have passed for which the sky weeps
Of words never spoken, and lips never kissed
Of promises broken, and untaken risks
Like a piece of paper crumpled up in a fist
Holding unfinished thoughts that will never be missed